Pre-Purchase Inspections

Getting the house inspected before closing the deal is an important step in the home-buying process as it helps the buyer make a more informed buying decision. Most purchase agreements include a clause that allows the buyer to have a Pre-Purchase Inspection prior to finalizing the sale; typically the deal allows five to ten business days in which to have the property inspected.

The purpose of the inspection is to determine the overall condition of the house – to look for possible problems, deficiencies or areas of concern. Any significant issues which could affect the buying decision are identified. The Pre-Purchase Inspection is also an opportunity to discuss and prioritize repairs/replacements/upgrades of key components and systems as well as look at maintenance and safety issues.

Stephen Clayton has done more than 6,000 inspections in his 21 years in the business. He inspects the major systems of the house which include: Roof; Exterior; Structure; Electrical; Heating; Cooling; Plumbing; Insulation and Interior.

The inspection typically takes two to three hours: buyers are encouraged to attend to learn more about the house firsthand as well as to ask any questions. First time home-owners particularly will appreciate the educational aspect of such an inspection.

The new homeowner will receive a robust electronic inspection report with colour photographs, illustrations and diagrams as well as links to related reference materials.

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