Tarion Home Warranty Inspections

In Ontario, new home buyers are entitled to warranty protection under the Tarion Home Warranty Program. There are several opportunities in the first year for a new homeowner to have the house inspected, with the warranty items reported to Tarion: the Pre-Delivery Inspection which is a record of the condition of the home before the new homeowner moves in; the 30 day Inspection, the inspection to be undertaken within 30 days of taking possession and the Year End Inspection which can be done during the last 30 days of the first year of possession.

A Tarion Home Warranty Inspection focuses on the Construction Performance Guidelines as per the Ontario New Home Warranty Program; it also includes inspection of the major systems of the house: Roof; Exterior; Structure; Electrical; Heating; Cooling; Plumbing; Insulation; and Interior. All of the findings are summarized in the Horizon electronic report, which includes photographs, colour illustrations and diagrams as well as links to related reference materials.

As an award winning custom home builder and renovator for 20 years, Stephen Clayton brings to the Tarion inspection a practical in-depth knowledge of house construction as well as the experience gained from inspecting more than 6,000 homes.

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