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Thanks for spending time teaching us valuable lessons during the home inspection yesterday. We really appreciate it as first-time home buyers. The inspection was done thoroughly with enthusiasm, and the report is clean with a complete inspection analysis of my house and with plenty of helpful suggestions of repair/maintenance covering all the issues. Both my wife and I enjoyed spending time with you as a friend during the inspection time. We will certainly mention your name to other potential home buyers in need of a home inspection.

—Nam K.

That was a five star inspection! It was a pleasure to meet you both professionally and personally.

—Trevor S.

I was referred to you by a friend who I quote, says that you are “legendary” with your inspections!

—Paul A.

I just finished reading through the file. You weren’t kidding – that is thorough! Thank you for your help. It’s great to have your experience and perspective on things. You’ve put us on the right track

—Sean M.

First of all, thank you for doing the inspection for us. It was a pleasure meeting you. The information you provided was very professionally detailed and thorough. In addition, advice provided on how to repair/maintain was in our best interest including explaining steps to follow when dealing with third parties. Being first time home buyers, we really appreciated you taking the time in explaining and answering questions on how to monitor essential units in a home. Your professional/personal opinion and openness was genuine. I recommend your expertise to others including providing professional references if needed.

—Rishma L.

Thanks again. You were a real asset to the inspection. I also appreciate the detailed reports and links to maintenance information. It will help me out a lot. I will definitely recommend you to future home buyers.

—Mustafa S.

Thanks so much. This is a very important decision and investment for us and we are so appreciative of the time spent with us to review any concerns that we had and to inform and educate us about so many things about our new house. We feel good and are really excited to move in – thanks for helping us get here!

—Emily D.

I just wanted to thank you for the great inspection and customer service. I really appreciate the level of detail you put into the inspection and all the great advice.

—Rachael T.

I wanted to extend a big thank you for your assistance, patience and advice. This has been a really exciting (albeit stressful and overwhelming) experience and your assistance has been so very much appreciated.

—Chantal A.

Thank you for a wonderful service. It was real pleasure meeting and talking with Steve. I hope our paths cross again in the very near future.

—John R.

Thank you very much for working with us, Steve. I learned a great deal about the house during the inspection and you were very helpful and knowledgeable.

—Jacob M.

Thank you so much for the inspection report. Sitting in the garage explaining everything to me after you’d gone through the house was greatly appreciated.   Should I run across anyone needing a home inspection, I will highly recommend you.

—Deb N.

The fact that you worked to get me a swift response during a busy morning makes it clear why Steve is so highly regarded. That’s meaningful to a client and is greatly appreciated.

—Trevor S.

Stephen, thank you again for your words of experience and expertise. I cannot thank you enough for your kindness to me and for all your suggestions. You have gone above and beyond the call of duty in helping me in areas where I am totally lost. It is hard making these decisions on your own and with little experience to call on…so a big thank you. I hope that someone is as kind and generous to you as you have been to me.

—Heather D.

Thank you very much for the inspection and report. It was certainly a pleasure to meet you and to have you as our inspector. The report seems very thorough and will be very valuable in prioritizing our list of things to do. I would certainly recommend your services to anyone I know that needs it.

—Ken T.

I was very pleased with Steve’s thorough inspection and suggestions. You can tell that it has been a passion for him…which reflects on the quality and clarity of his interactions with the customer. It is obvious that he knows what he is talking about.

—Ann H.

The inspection report you sent is fantastic. Very comprehensive and easy to someone like me to follow! Great work!

—Phil C.

Thanks very much for the detailed report and for providing such a prompt turnaround. It was an absolute pleasure meeting you today. Thanks again for your great work today! I’ll be sure to hand out your cards to anyone I know purchasing a home.

—Stephane T.

It was great meeting you…thanks again for your wit and knowledge.

—Nic C.

We would like to thank you for taking the time to look over our house with us. It really gives us peace of mind that we are purchasing the right home. I really enjoyed the educational aspect of it.

—Dylan N.

Thanks so much Stephen. It was a real pleasure meeting you and reading through the report. We enjoyed the inspection and would highly recommend you to our friends.

—Melise K.

Thank you Stephen. The report is colourful and interesting. Thank you for sending it so promptly. I look forward to working through it. It was a pleasure to meet you and to benefit from your experience.

—Judith M.

Wow, you must have burned the mid-night oil (or natural gas) to get this done so quickly. Thanks for such a thorough job. I enjoyed walking through and discussing the house with you.

—Debra M.

I wanted to thank you once again for your time and help. We do really appreciate your help.

—Maryam G.

Thank you very much for the report, Steve. It was nice meeting you; we learned a lot about house maintenance.

—Paul V.

It was really nice having you go through the workings of the house. We really appreciated the time you took to go over all the parts in great detail.

—Gavin F.

I would like to tell you how much fun I had with you while inspecting my new home.

—James D.

This was a great learning experience and gives me some peace of mind.

—Andy O.

Thanks a lot for the inspection; I was very pleased with your service and I learned a lot.

—Maya K.

Perfect! Thank you so much! We will definitely be referring you to even more people!

—Ry S.

Thank you again for all your help in my house saga.

—Vanessa S.

Thank you very much. The report is comprehensive and will help us a lot. Mr. Clayton did an excellent inspection of our new home – many thanks indeed.

—Zaraf B.

Great meeting you Steve and thanks a million for being so prompt!

—John H.

Thanks Steve, it was great working with you on this inspection.

—Brian L.

Thank you so much Steve for your meticulous inspection.

—Christina C.

Thank you for the time taken; especially you shared with us very useful information and advice. The report will serve us well as we proceed to complete the acquisition and later when we need to know about the working of elements under our control.

—Bernie M.

Thank you Stephen. Your report and advice are very helpful.

—Michael G.

Stephen, just wanted to say how nice it was to meet you today and to thank you for your professionalism.

—James B.

Thanks very much for the report – really appreciate the work you did for us at the house yesterday.

—Sean L.

We had our house inspection with Steve today, and he was very helpful. We like the detail and links contained in it. It will be very helpful in prioritizing our home upgrades.

—Leon J.

Thank you Stephen. You did a great job explaining everything to me today. I appreciate it.

—Aynsley W.

Thanks Steve, pleasure doing business with you.

—Hugues B.

Thanks for this. I have reviewed the report (very nice format) several times. FYI – we negotiated a big price reduction with your inspection report.

—Geoff C.

Thanks for the quick turnaround and the great inspection.

—Cynthia G.

Steve provides a lot of experience.

—Matt U.

Stephen – as always…was a pleasure and greatly appreciated.

—Mike D.

Thanks so much, it was really nice to meet you and I enjoyed all the detail you provided me and all your insight. Thanks again, much appreciated.

—Lindsey R.

I just wanted to let you know that you did a great job!

—Moe M.

It was a pleasure to meet you Steve. We are very impressed with your report and recommendations.

—Robert M.

Thank you very much for all your help. It was very informative!

—Robert A.